Easily Archive All Your Emails

The most advanced archiving solution on the market for email, social media, text messages and more.

Benefits of Intradyn’s Email Archiving Solution


Intradyn’s proven email archiving solutions will not only help protect your organization in the event of any future litigation, eDiscovery request or Right to Know inquiry, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your emails are safe, secure and easily searchable.

Archive All Emails
Capture, save and index all emails, including incoming and outgoing emails, historical emails from the mail server and emails from PST and other archiving solutions

REAL-TIME FETCHING: Capture all incoming and outgoing emails in real time; we support POP3, IMAP4, sPOP3 and sIMAP4 protocols.

WORKS WITH TOP EMAIL SERVERS: MS Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and more — we’ve got you covered.

SEND INCOMING/OUTGOING EMAIL: Our email archiving software uses an SMTP server to listen to incoming messages and a mail relay server or email firewall to forward a copy of it to the archive.

IMPORT PST FILES: Our native tool imports all emails from PST files into your organization. Emails with valuable content might be in PST files on the network share, but only you and authorized users can see and access them.

IMPORT HISTORICAL EMAIL: Import all historical emails from your mail server using email crawling tools.

IMPORT RAW EMAIL: Our email archiving solution includes a native tool that can import raw emails that are in RFC822 format.

Legal and eDiscovery Tools

Legal and eDiscovery Tools

Review and redact email content with our easy-to-use eDiscovery and litigation tools. Customize your archiving workflows to meet your business needs.

Legal Hold Automation

Automate the legal hold process for all emails using scheduled searches, so that you can easily access email records when necessary.

Easy Redaction Tool

Remove sensitive details from emails before they’re released for FOIA with our easy-to-use redaction tool.

Review and Comment Tools

Create flexible workflows for email compliance and review with our built-in review and comment tools.

Easy, Intuitive and Powerful Search

Find any email you need using our powerful search functionality — it even covers typos and misspellings with fuzzy logic. Locate messages based on specific attributes, including metadata, rather than hunting them down by subject line or having to figure out where they are stored.



Our search functionality is capable of handling both single-character and multi-character wildcard searches.


Find any name attachment using metadata, such as name and type, to search popular file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, spreadsheets and more.


Find single terms that are located a specific distance apart with proximity searches.


Using fuzzy logic, a search for a single term that might have been misspelled will result in terms with similar spelling and the same number of characters.


Save searches you expect to perform on a regular basis — save as many as you’d like and perform them whenever you choose.


Schedule searches so that Email Archiver performs them automatically and sends you a summary email every night.


Capture data from multiple deployments with a single search with our multi-unit searching tool.


Our search functionality supports over 100 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Multiple Access Methods for End Users

Multiple Access Methods for End Users

Our Native Microsoft Outlook plug-in provides end users with a familiar and easy-to-use interface to access their emails. Administrators can make all features or a specific subset of features available to end users from the web application.

Role-Based Permission

Make different features available to different users based on their role within the company.

Export Email as PDF or EML

Provide emails to third parties as either a PDF or EML file by simply searching and selecting one or more emails and exporting them to a zip file.

End User Authentication

Use your current authentication method to grant access to end users.

Audit Trails

Our Email Archiver audits all user actions, so your legal department can ensure that your emails haven’t been altered.

Flexible and Granular Email Retention


Regulators and courts treat email messages as written documents. Managing these email messages as business records ensures that you meet the burden of proof for regulations such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Expandable, Stackable and Flexible Scalability
All of our archiving solutions provide multiple scalability methods, so you can grow your data center.


  • Unlimited Storage: Our email archiving software is hosted in AWS’ secure cloud infrastructure with unlimited storage.


  • Expandable Storage: Expand the size of your virtual machine — buy what you need today and grow your solution along with your company.


  • Stackable Appliance: Stack multiple virtual machines to make a larger solution and get more storage and processing power in the process.

Messaging Intelligence (Add-On)


Our messaging intelligence visualization tool provides insight into your organization’s communications. This solution captures, analyzes and manages email from all of your organization’s communication sources, making relationships across the entire business available for use as a complete 360-degree communications view.

Apply a heat map to a graphical representation of the relationships between internal users and their external contact domains and accounts.

Explore the graphical representation of relationships between individuals in greater detail.

Create a summary for contact domains or accounts that shows who was last in contact with them and when.

Generate reports based on message activity data for one or more contacts or domains.

Enable the clear and simple transition of accounts when someone leaves a role that interacts with customers, partners and internal colleagues.

Monitor the message activity data of individual staff members.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are essential features in any solution. Our Email Archiver provides multiple layers of protection to secure valuable data.